Scottsdale, Arizona - July 30, 2019 - EHS Today has reported that as of 2014, losses in workplace productivity due to drug abuse among America employers exceeds $81 billion dollars annually. The productivity of addicted employee is estimated to be only two thirds of normal workers.

Drug abuse is spiraling out of control with the opioid crisis and recreational marijuana use leading the way.  Currently, the only way in which employers can insulate their businesses from drug abuse is to perform periodic drug testing of saliva, urine or hair. The problem with these tests is that they detect if drugs within a time frame of hours, days, or weeks but do not tell if a worker is currently intoxicated or impaired.  Impaired workers are often responsible for increased injuries and casualty loss.

Zxerex® (Scottsdale, AZ) is developing IMPAIR-ID™ a rapid, non-invasive screening test that takes just minutes to detect whether an employee my be impaired.  The test involves eye-tracking analysis and can be performed even daily, and certainly more often than in a random urine tests program. 

The screening test analyzes voluntary and involuntary eye movements called saccades and micro-saccades.  When under the influence of  certain drugs, the drug effect has a detectable signature which is recognized and reported by the system.  When combined with an employer safety program, Zxerex screening can help reduce workplace injuries, reduce lost time, and address productivity losses. 

For further information, contact Zxerex Corporation at www.zxerex.com.