IMPAIRMENT vs. PRESENCE: Reaction to the Proposed Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2020)

Scottsdale, Arizona - August 11, 2019 - According to the Arizona Republic, the “Arizona marijuana measure faces opposition from business community, politicians,” ( The details of the proposed initiative are now available for the first time,  (

 The Arizona business community and lawmakers will likely continue to oppose recreational marijuana due to the disconnect between federal and state laws; the impact on workplace and highway safety; and, the potential shortage of qualified workers who may denied employment because they test positive on employment drug testing.

Marijuana use has been shown to increase workplace injuries, increase absenteeism and decrease worker productivity.  The number of workers disqualified due to positive pre-employment testing will likely increase, making staffing in this tight market even more difficult.  Since Marijuana can remain in the body from 3 to 30 days after its use, positive drug tests continue to rise in states where recreational marijuana has been adopted. 

From a safety perspective, impairment due to Marijuana in the workplace is a serious concern for all employers and their employees.  Zxerex Corporation has developed IMPAIR-ID™ a rapid, non-invasive, low cost, impairment screening test to identify impairment due to Marijuana. The technology is expected to deter Marijuana use in the workplace, and when combined with an employer’s workplace safety program to decrease injuries and reduce absenteeism.

Zxerex®, when combined with an employer’s safety program, can help to identify impairment and manage risk.

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