Scottsdale, Arizona - August 5, 2019 - IMPAIR-ID™ powered by ZXEREX® is a new disruptive screening test to identify temporary neurological “impairment” related to marijuana use.  The technology was developed by a team of scientists at Arizona State University and Barrow Neurological Institute (Dignity Health). 

Zxerex uses traditional statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and classify neurological changes attributed to drugs, such as THC, the active ingredient of Marijuana. The Company has developed a Marijuana Bio-signature and a methodology to detect temporary neurological “impairment,”  rapidly, conveniently, and inexpensively.

Drug use is a major concern in the workplace and has been reported to be associated with increase absenteeism, higher workplace injury and decrease in productivity.   Zxerex offers a way to address these problems. When combined with an existing workplace safety program, Zxerex technology provides an important DETERRENT that documents marijuana use and “impairment.”

Zxerex will initially apply this technology for workplace safety, and thereafter, the company plans to support public safety and consumers, including parents concerned about potential drug use by children.

For further information, contact the IMPAIR-ID™ team at Zxerex, rb@zxerex.com or (480)518-9905.