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Scottsdale, Arizona - July 1, 2019 - Workplace safety issues have increased as legalization of medical and recreational use has grown. According to the National Safety Council, Marijuana use has increased workplace injuries by 85% and absenteeism by 75%. It’s estimated that productivity loss due to drug use has cost business a whopping $270B in 2017. The American Automobile Association and others have noted that driving after smoking Marijuana doubles the risk of a fatal crash and it is even worse when combined with alcohol.

ZXEREX® was spun out of Arizona State University (ASU) and Barrow Neurological Institute where the technology was developed by a team of well-known neuroscientists. Human studies were completed at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Columbia.

ZXEREX is rolling out IMPAIR-ID™, a rapid non-invasive screening test that identifies impairment related to Marijuana within minutes. Traditional urine, saliva, blood and hair tests show only the presence of a drug but do not identify impairment. When tests are positive, the drug may have been used days or weeks ago, whereas ZXEREX identifies neurological impairment due to marijuana’s effect on the brain. When combined with a workplace safety program, Zxerex expects that its technology will help as a deterrent to reduce absenteeism, injuries and casualty losses, and help to improve worker productivity.

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